• What is My Pod?

    My Pod allows you to upload your own audio files, create your own playlists, play podcast and audio and video links, audio / text RSS feeds, internet radio, audio books and much more!

    Play your playlists and links via your smart device such as the Amazon Echo or through your smartphone with any app that supports RSS feeds.

    Add a link to a textual web page such as a news site and My Pod will attempt to extract the content on the web site automatically so that your smart device can read it out to you. Normal web and text-based RSS feeds are also supported so you can always listen to the latest content.

  • How do I use My Pod?

    For Alexa, once you have enabled the skill and linked your Amazon account in the Alexa app, simply login using the same account here.

    Start by creating a playlist for your links. Once you have a playlist, you can add some links. When you have added one or more links to your playlist, ask your smart device to play your playlist or link or create a feed in My Pod to add to your favourite app that supports RSS feeds.

  • What voice commands are supported?

    Examples of some of the voice commands that are supported by My Pod through the Amazon Echo can be found here.

  • What kind of links can I play?

    My Pod allows you to play most things that the Amazon Echo and other smart devices support. See here for details.

  • How do I link to a Google Drive link?

    If you have an .mp3 file that you wanted to play from Google Drive for example, simply upload the file to your Google Drive, then right-click on the file and click Get link. The link will be displayed in your browser and will have been copied to your clipboard. Ensure Anyone with link is selected.

    Go to your playlist, click on Add Link and paste your Google Drive link in the URL text box. Give your link a Tag / Name and click on Add Link. You can now ask your smart device to play your newly created link or access it via an RSS feed. You can do this either for individual audio files or folders in Google Drive.

  • How do I change the order of my Playlist or Link?

    Simply click and drag the Playlist or Link to move it up or down and change the order.

  • My link doesn't play!

    Any links you add must be able to be understood and playable by the device you are playing on. My Pod will try and convert links in to something playable for your smart device where possible. For example, My Pod will read a Podcast RSS feed, find the episode link and send it to your Amazon Echo. Or take a normal web site and convert it to text that Alexa can read aloud.

    Unfortunately, you cannot just add any link and expect it to play if it is not supported by your smart device. Where possible, either try and find a direct streaming link, an RSS or Atom feed or an M3U playlist etc.

  • Alexa / Google doesn't understand my Playlist / Link name!

    Voice recognition is not always perfect. Therefore it is best to name your playlists and links something that is easily understood. Usually two or three word names are best.

  • How do I search for a Podcast?

    Most podcasts that are available on iTunes are searchable through My Pod. Search for the name of the podcast you wish to find in the Search text box in the main menu on the right. Click on the feed you want and the name and link will appear in the create link area. Click on Add to Playlist and it will be added to your playlist.

  • What is a 'Public Link'?

    When creating a link you can designate it as public. This makes the link searchable for other users. Links that are made public can be seen and used by other users. By default all links are private to you.

  • What is a Playlist?

    All links must be in a playlist which allows you to group links together. You can ask your smart device to play or create a feed from a whole playlist or individual links.

  • How can I play my feeds from the oldest episode rather than the latest?

    Simply visit the My Account page, select the 'Play podcast or RSS feeds from the first episode' option and click 'Save'.

  • How do I stop my smart device from reading out my link titles when playing audio?

    Simply visit the My Account page, select the 'Don't read the title before playing' option and click 'Save'.

  • I want my link/playlist to stop/repeat/continue after playback has finished. How can I do this?

    Simply visit the My Account page, under Playlist playback or Link playback, select an option and click 'Save'. You can also ask My Pod to do this for you. See the Alexa voice commands for more information.

  • Can I use the Amazon Echo multi-room audio feature?

    Unfortunately, Amazon do not currently support or permit third party skills to use this feature. If they ever introduce support for it, it will be a priority enable My Pod to support it.

  • Have a suggestion, some feedback or a problem?

    Please get in touch and tell us here.